About Us


We are a non profit organisation with a team of dedicated humans who choose to participate in positive solutions for South Africa- her land and her people. We support food growing and nature education as a tool for social cohesion and growth.

Green Hearted offers sustainable and resilient solutions through diverse educational programs and practical permaculture implementations.

Food Sovereignty:

supporting local growers to produce healthy, nutritious and chemical-free food. 

Skills Sharing and development:  

creating opportunities for good practise, indigenous knowledge and new discoveries to be shared and passed on

Nature Connection:

restoring our relationship to nature and self


responding practically to the problems of our world through hands-on solutions and implementations that have  tangible outcomes on the ground. Using  food as a tool for social cohesion, learning to work together and connect to our local ecosystem helps us to feel grounded and hopeful. 

Cooperation and collaboration:

designing projects to include maximum collaboration, mutual support and active, inclusive participation


valuing our differences and acknowledging that each individual brings part of the solution


tapping into both sides of the brain to access new and beautiful solutions

Heart Centred Facilitation:

teaching that embodies diverse learning styles and a holistic head-heart-hands approach






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